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  •  is US gun industry understood central2 gun lobby? (3+ / 0-)

    i always ask, because the "qui bono" question --who profits? follow the money-- always seems very operational in what's going on in any controversy.

         Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 08:46:02 PM PDT i posted to the "National Review: Giffords childish display in the New York Times is an embarrassment" discussion:

    US arms industry probly bigger impact than NRA

        A recent PBS "Revealing America" episode, about manufacturing in the U.S., sort of accidentally (or not!) touched on this industry directly and indirectly being the single largest employer of Americans, in designing, building, selling, buying, and servicing arms, from the scale of massive weaponry commissioned by the government down to the famous little bb rifle in the popular christmas movie.  

         Indirectly it involves metals industries, other manufacturing, and a broad range of goods and services.  Not the least is the Discovery channel's "Sons of Guns" program that accidentally (or not! again...) gives more than a hint of this scope, such as in last night's episode about a modest-looking gunsmithing, servicing, buying and selling business being asked by a "two-star general" to become involved in business matters with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" - the limited footage about that included King Abdullah meeting with this businessman.  At the same time, back home, the shop is rebuilding a Solothurn cannon (armor-piercing, apparently) for a private collector.

         I don't watch this stuff for fun, but for what insight into Amerika I can stand to glimpse, as my ability to use the internet is limited.  My immediate thought again, on seeing these two programs, was, "this industry is going to protect its mainstreet home market if it takes our last dying breath".   Seems probable the NRA might get all the weapons-industry support it wants in exchange for fronting as good ol' ordinary citizens insisting on their second ammendment rights.  

         This is the best I can do to "follow the money" as the fundamental investigative principle.  If the [problem of the] US as world arms supplier hasn't entered the discussion yet, I hope now it will.

    And hoping this is a useful contribution now here.


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