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View Diary: Rush Limbaugh to Release 224 Page Roll of Toilet Paper (45 comments)

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    The silver lining is that fewer books would be paid for by public dollars.

    I have no objection to public libraries having the book. Libraries are supposed to serve the entire community, in all its diversity. There will be some library patrons who want it because they love Rush, and some who want it to critique it--without having to pay for it personally.

    School libraries, on the other hand, are in schools. School boards should have criteria--available to the public--on book selection. Are books that are written as fantasy, but have the objective of presenting false information about history, acceptable or no? What about books that are political diatribes?

    Some books, even if donated, should not be in school libraries. If anyone could donate anything, guaranteeing that it would be put on the shelf, then every school library would have many shelves full of untouched books detailing the tenets of a multitude of religious faiths and political beliefs.

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