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View Diary: Rush Limbaugh to Release 224 Page Roll of Toilet Paper (45 comments)

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  •  That's easier to do than you think (2+ / 0-)
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    Fordmandalay, elginblt

    I read somewhere that during certain weeks, it takes selling as few as 15,000 copies in a given week to make the best seller lists. Even better if they're bought from those stores used to measure sales--which are supposed to be a secret, but l bet they're known to folks in the trade.

    I bet something like this is being used to pump the bloviator's rankings. Thousands of proxies making pre-orders that will likely be canceled just before the book is released. After all, getting a book on the best-seller's list will boost its sales greatly.

    On the other hand, there is something we all can do to hurt this. Next time you're in a bookstore & see one of his books, take & hide it behind other books so no one can find it. Eventually it will be found, just in time to be returned for credit. And if enough books are returned, it can wipe out the bloviator's royalties.

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