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  •  Wal-Mart forcing wages down industry wide! (0+ / 0-)

    It is reported at Daily Kos (

    "A study from the University of California Berkeley finds that Walmart store openings in communities lead to the replacement of better paying jobs with jobs that pay less. As a result of this dynamic, average wages for retail workers were 10 percent lower, and their job-based health coverage rate was 5 percentage points less in an area than it would be if Walmart did not exist. The study concludes that in 2000, retail employees nationwide would have taken home $4.5 billion more in their total paycheck if Walmart had not been around."

    CBS news reports at (

    "Since June, Wal-Mart has disciplined close to 80 workers, including firing 20, because of their participation in legally protected union- or labor-related actions, according to the National Employment Law Project, an advocacy group that focuses on low-wage workers."

    Business Insider dot com reports (

    "The richest 1% of the country owns a third of the country's assets and the poorer 50% owns less than 2.5%."

    ABC News reporting on Chicago's Alderman Ed Smith's math ( holds that Wal-Mart CEO Michale Duke earns a $35,000,000.00 annual salary, ABC reports that starting jobs are $8.75 an hour at a planned Wal-Mart in the Pullman neighborhood. Another way to look at this is: multiply $8.75 an hour by 2000 hours, full-time employment = $13,650.00 a year. Divide CEO Duke's annual wage of $35,000,000.00 by a new hires $13,650.00 annual compensation = 2,564, what does this number represent?

    IT MEANS THAT: (drum roll) Michale Duke makes in one year the same as 2,564 new employees, of course he (Duke that is, not the new hire) has great health care, vacation pay, profit sharing, stock options and a lot of other benefits ("bennys") new hires only wish for. And of course, let's not forget -- many Wal-Mart employees are part-time, perhaps as many as 40% -- according to the CBS News article noted above, and these employees do not have bennys.

    According to The Guardian dot com ( a Wal-Mart worker says:

    "As a full-timer, you get benefits, but I am on part-time status, so I have no benefits. I don't have no full-time status. Even with part-time, they can still give you basically 40 hours a week, but no benefits. Recently, they cut a lot of people's hours. I'm technically at 32 hours a week, although I often work closer to 40. They don't want no one to have overtime, so they stop us at 40."

    My wife and I have not set foot in a Wal-Mart in over a year now, that's our response to Wal-Mart's "BUSINESS PLAN".

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