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View Diary: No Summers for the Fed? Sen. Warren, Brown and Merkley Are No Votes (134 comments)

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  •  Duped Again! (0+ / 0-)

    I believe I've been duped again.  I'm in good company (MoveOn, Democracy for America, Daily Kos, etc., etc.)

    Obama never had any intention of appointing that buffoon Summers to head the Fed.  He was a stalking horse.  I suspect if you check, you'll find that Yellen is every bit the puppet and apologist for Wall Street and the TBTF banks.

    By simply floating the Summers balloon, Obama tricked all these anti-one-percenters into becoming Yellen boosters.  I signed at least three petitions to BHO urging him to pick Yellen over Summers.  I knew nothing of her, but I knew that any choice would be better the one person on Wall Street most responsible for the financial mess in which the U.S. and the world finds itself.  We've seen the memos.  We know now.

    The epiphany this time came when I read in the article above that "the financial sector seems more supportive of Yellen than Summers".  Duh!  And they're willing to admit it?!?!

    Damn, that Obama is good, and boy am I stupid sometimes!

    •  We are not stupid (0+ / 0-)

      It is almost impossible to be up on all the shennigans of Washington.  Could just as easily ask when Daily Kos found out about Wall St supporting Yellin over Summers?  If this is a new revelation then we change positions with more info available.  If an older piece of information then the question is why wasn't it broadcast sooner.

      But since every experience is a one to learn from, this one has some lessons in it, too.  First, the admin never has only 1 horse in the race.  They always play the field to see what fallout will occur with each choice.  So maybe the question to ask is who would be the alternative to a choice like Summers.  Who is in the playing field.  And does the public have a choice that they want to add to the mix of candidates.

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