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View Diary: Obama says he will make case for Syria attack on Tuesday from White House (229 comments)

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  •  Your point is what? The "Saddam used CM in (0+ / 0-)

    the 80's and it didn't violate international norms then and it wasn't a threat to global security".

    One, yes it did violate international norms then. We just had a fucked up President who didn't mind violating any and all international norms.

    Two, no it didn't undermine global security then, but that doesn't somehow mean it can't now. You don't think millions of refugees crossing borders threatens global security? You don't think that Assad's potential to get more aggressive could undermine global security? You don't think that Iran might be emboldened if Syria can defy red lines as they please? The situation re: global security is completely different than what it was in 88. So yes, in insinuating that it will turn out the same way is comparing apples to oranges.

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