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View Diary: Obama says he will make case for Syria attack on Tuesday from White House (229 comments)

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    Clinton worked with the world community, including Russia, to try to stop Milosevic diplomatically.

    Milosevic said no.

    So he went to congress with this in his back pocket.  The Senate backed him.

    Did he know the House would not?  I'm guessing yes but we don't know.

    In fact the House voted weeks later, and refused to fund a ground war, which was not on the table, and in the end - I just looked this up - they tied on the question of authorizing force - they never authorized the operation, although they did end up funding the operations that took place.

    If the world was watching an ongoing genocide, united and ready to react after exhausting diplomacy, and Boehner was off somewhere getting a tan for the next several weeks, and the Senate authorized force, my guess is that Obama would go in without authorization from the House.

    He may still do that.

    But he would more likely do that if he comes home with the world's backing and cooperation in an intervention in Syria.  

    With Kosovo, the world was united in its condemnation of Milosevic, and it was a NATO operation.

    You are right, Clinton was much more open about what was going on because of that backing - the world was ready to go.  Without that, Obama is in a much more precarious position if the decides to go without congressional approval.

    I still don't back intervention.  

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      intervention in this discussion.  Just saying that there is potential from the domestic side that a pro Senate vote with or without a House vote might be viewed as an open door to the Obama Administration with respect to strikes.

      I understand that Clinton had NATO, also.  But I am not entirely certain that this White House is as sensitive to or concerned with that nuance from this historical example.

      Anyway, we'll see what happens.  I am more and more convinced that this White House is intent on doing whatever they want regardless of public opinion.

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