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View Diary: Obama says he will make case for Syria attack on Tuesday from White House (229 comments)

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    Israel has probably been lobbying for US involvement in Syria since Hezbollah's support of the Assad regime became apparent last year.

    In addition, a SCUD with a chemical warhead from Syria is now a real concern in Israel, as the IDF moves missile defense systems to intercept missiles, and gas masks are distributed (since about August 28).

    Now that we have had a precipitating event that is big enough to get the attention of the news agencies in the US, the time is right for the big push with the American voters all excited about our military involvement. It's actually as cold-blooded a thing as there is.

    I'm against it.

    Someone else on the web has put it better than I can, months ago:
    America vs. Iran vs. Israel vs. Saudi Arabia vs. Lebanon vs. Russia vs. Turkey, A.K.A. The Syrian Civil War.

    The only reason the President has put the deal to a vote in Congress is so that our representatives are subjected to the same pressure that he is under from the lobbies that want a strike. We're not bothering with the UN this time, because there's a guaranteed Security Council veto. The Arab League is insisting on UN involvement.

    Jerk the chain: watch them dance.

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