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  •  Grapes for the toothless! I found a way -- (7+ / 0-)

    A friend gave me a bunch of lovely seedless purple grapes (I didn't even now they came seedless!).  Without teeth to grind them the cell walls, made of carbohydrates, do not digest well (enzymes for carbo digestion are in saliva.)

    So:  I washed the grapes, put about 1/2 C water in the blender, then put in the grapes a few handfuls at a time, blended; ended up (magically) with exactly 2C pulp.

    Made a makeshift double-boiler of a metal bowl in a saucepan (which had 1-2" water in  it.  Poured about 1/2C grape pulp into bowl, added 2 packets of unflavored gelatin, brought water to a boil and stirred gelatin/pulp until gelatin was melted.  Poured in the rest of the grape pulp, stirred, took it off heat, covered and put in fridge to set.  (This took about 4 hours, another packet of gelatin would not have gone amiss, but 'jello' came out very firm with two.)

    Delicious!  Captured almost all of the 'fresh' taste.  Ate just a T or two for first try (I have problems digesting fruit) but had no adverse reaction and have enjoyed biggish (~1/2 - 3/4C) servings since.

    I've tried a similar method for salad green and have enjoyed the results, although I've had trouble introducing much flavor (vinegar, salad dressing) into that.  Tastes nice to me, though, with a bit of mayo.  I usually blanch the greens first, to break down the fibers, before blending.

    Also last week I blenderized a bag of thawed frozen spinach (didn't cook it) and added some to a quiche-like invention (based on 'strata) -- ends of rye bread cubed small, some spinach, seasoning,  egs & milk as for scrambled eggs, added some muenster cheese (ham would have been nice, too), crumbs on top, baked it.  Very tasty!  Still working on ways to include greens in my diet, blenderizing works.

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