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View Diary: The US Cannot Fix The Middle East (47 comments)

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    Bronx59, aliasalias, Chi

    is the main cause of our endless war there. However proxy dirty wars between the great powers of the world with the US being the enforcer has gotten out of hand. Keeping their hands out of the region will not occur but the US at this point id out of hand.  US neo-con geopolitics is not inevitable and not unstoppable and can be reined in, the US is out of control militarily, they are the main threat to all humans security.

    These fuckers can be stopped they have before and they will be this time around. Your right all this bs about our security, humanitarian interventions, stability etc. terrorists is not believable. It wasn't with the Bushies and it isn't now.

    I'm not unrealistic about the powerful interests, oil and strategic power plays in this region but this has gone too far. Setting the world on fire and wrecking our own country both economically and our government principles and laws, all for corporate global oligarchical profit and power isn't not only not nice it's intolerable.

    People globally should and will resist this insanity as the world is shrinking with more and more people and these fuckers are busy with their pathetic sick games for empty wealth and power that endanger the planet itself.

    Anybody that thinks this is inevitable or the world as we find it and believes in this insane fear of other or patriotic ass kicking bs.has misplaced fears or is just delusional. Stockholm syndrome comes to mind. As Pogo said I have met the enemy and he is US.            

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