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  •  simple (8+ / 0-)

    a "misguided person" is someone who disagrees with you.

    A "troll" is someone who still disagrees with you even though you politely explained your point of view.  

    A "troll" might be also someone who uses strong language while debating with you, after you started to use strong language (your use, of course, is perfectly justified since the matter is of utmost national importance.

    A "troll" is also somebody who quotes or advances ideas held by rightwing sites like Free Republic.  As a corollary of that, a "troll" is also someone who points out that You are advancing or quoting beliefs held by rightwing sites.

    Its all perfectly easy.

    •  Oh thank you so much! (0+ / 0-)

      I now know exactly what a troll is. It's someone whose opinion you just don't like.

      I've got another one for you. It's also someone who comments on a diary offering religious ideas and philosophies who questions those ideas and philosophies. Those are the WORST kind of trolls because religious ideas are sacred and personal and sit on a pedestal marked "do not touch".

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