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View Diary: Assad Gassed His People, Even Opponents Of Syria Resolution Agree. Question Is What To Do (36 comments)

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  •  We had conclusive proof that Saddam (5+ / 0-)

    had gassed his people ten years prior to our invasion.

    There are tons of parallels between the current Syria dilemma and the questions that we faced in 2002 in the run up to the Iraq War.

    Whether or not we had found the chemical weapons that the Bush Administration claimed Saddam still had, we would have still experienced a long, drawn out conflict and occupation of Iraq as we have.

    The fact is that invading a reasonably stable society such as Iraq's actually came with fewer potential risks except for the fact that our military and then President did not have any plans to manage the country effectively right after the invasion.  It was when Iraq really started to spiral out of control in its own civil war on top of our invasion that Americans started to understand the nature of the pandora's box we had opened.

    Now - Syria, on the other hand, is two years into a civil war which just to be clear is an internal conflict that is extremely complicated in the middle of the Middle East which is a region that is extremely complicated.  

    The country is a mess and many Syrian people who might provide leadership and practical solutions have fled the country or have been killed already.  The powerful in Syria now include a ruthless dictator and a bunch of radical religious fighters.  That's not a great group of folks from which to choose successive leadership from either the Syrian people's perspective or ours.

    There is a ton of magical thinking evident in both scenarios which I largely ascribe to the fact that even though there are different Presidents in charge, the military leadership has not radically changed between the two Administrations.

    I see zero benefit to surgical strikes and I see only Iraq as an example of what we will get ourselves into if we were to commit to invading and occupying.  It is time for the Middle Eastern countries to step up to the plate and deal with their own neighbors.  They understand them a whole lot better than we do.

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