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View Diary: Did anyone else notice this? Obama just said that it may have been an unauthorized strike, here: (40 comments)

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  •  If you're going to ask a question please follow (0+ / 0-)

    the existing thread and see what the conversation was before asking some non sequitur.


    That sounds like an acknowledgement to me that Obama is fully aware of the possibility -- perhaps, probability -- that the attack of August 21 was NOT ordered by Assad or the other civilian leaders, but may have been an unauthorized lauch by the military commander of the unit that carried out the attack.
    Emphasis, mine.


    * [new]  The President's entire effort is based upon his (1+ / 0-)
    declaration and the verification from other souces, like the publication Der Speigel, that Asaad has used chemical weapons on his people. Der Spiegel has said this:

    Evidence clearly suggests that Syria's president has deployed chemical weapons. The latest poison gas attack should set aside once and for all any reservations about military intervention. The credibility of Western countries is on the line.
    To answer your diary, the President believes Asaad has used chemical weapons, other independent voices have pointed out that Asaad has used chemical weapons.

    I'm not sure what you are attempting to show in your diary, but if you are claiming that the President is not sure that Asaad used chemical weapons, I suggest you go back and read the Press conference you cited.

    * [new]  I think you are being opaque about the clarity (1+ / 0-)
    of what I am saying: the President, himself, appears to have acknowledged that Assad may not have ordered these attacks,and that they may well have been unauthorized launch orders by military officers in the field.  If that is the case, command responsibility is unclear, and the justification for US punative strikes is severely undermined.  
    * [new]  Sigh.... This is what the President has said: (0+ / 0-)
    “We do not believe that, given the delivery systems, using rockets, that the opposition could have carried out these attacks,” Obama told PBS, referring to the rebels who have been fighting Assad for more than two years.
    “We have concluded that the SYRIAN GOVERNMENT in fact carried these out. And if that’s so, then there need to be international consequences.”
    Caps emphasis mine.

    The administration has CONCLUDED that the Syrian government carried out the attacks.

    If you had followed the thread you would have seen that my comment was to emphasize that the President or his administration had no doubt that the Asaad regime was involved in using chemical weapons as upposed to suggestion by the diarist that the President had some evidence or reservation that some other entity was to blame and not Asaad.

    But since you want to ask me a question about my confidence in the administration's declarations. Yes, I have a great deal of confidence in the President. I'm sure it will not come as a shock that I am not part of the anti-Obama glee club in this community.

    But in case you are suggesting that the President is falsely accusing the Asaad regime of attacking his people with chemical weapons, you will note that I cited Der Speigel in my series of comments, which have also reported that Asaad attacked his people with chemical weapons.

    Now I know that Der Spiegel might be considered untrustworthy in this case, even though only weeks ago many in the anti-Obama crowd celebrated Der Spiegel for its probity in reporting, as it related to the Snowden case.

    But I know how it is...Der Spiegel is probably now working with the Obama administration.

    That Obama...can't trust him....

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