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View Diary: New IRS report confirms upcoming retirement crisis (95 comments)

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    and this would be done in a country that cares about its citizens.  A public education program on living modestly, living on one's SS check and perhaps smaller pensions and maybe VA Disability.  I am doing that now.  I am comfortable, but not a mad consumer.  I am able to meet my needs but I do not waste one dollar.  

    The public would listen and learn and Americans need, under all circumstances, to live a more modest life.  Shop at discount stores.  Compare prices.  Being retired, one has the time to plan and compare.  I repurpose things.  I recently moved into a smaller apartment & downsized.  We have too many things.  Life is better when it is simpler.  Believe me.

    I know this is a stream of consciousness post, but I feel many are ready to respond to these messages.  Americans are maturing and learning what many Europeans have known for a very long time.  Conservation and modest consumption and living a sweet and lovely simple life - is wonderful.

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