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View Diary: Pat Robertson reportedly diverted Operation Blessing donations to mining project (94 comments)

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  •  Actually, prosecutors are not supposed to (0+ / 0-)

    initiate cases. They role in the justice system is to transmit information from the executive branch to the judiciary. Prosecutors are supposed to be objective middlemen carrying out a ministerial function. That's the basis for granting them absolute immunity.
    Where the system is faltering is in the requirement for a complaint and the great success malefactors have had in persuading both the defrauded and the their cohorts that snitching is bad.
    If you have no complaint, you can't proceed. That's why, from time to time, law enforcers either make up complaints or hire snitches.
    Now, it is also true that law enforcement agencies are reluctant to take complaints from citizens because they want to be in charge. But, when that happens, citizens just have to keep looking for one that does take their complaint.
    The problem with using money to defraud is that dollars leave no trace. It is difficult to prove that dollars were fraudulently acquired. Not to mention that the defrauded don't like to admit they were fooled and much prefer a knight on a white horse take care of the problem. There are no knights. There aren't even any investigative journalists or investigative cops. Well, there are investigative cops, but they're all busy feeling people up.

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