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View Diary: You'll eat chicken processed in China and you won't even know it (353 comments)

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  •  Our only hope is to avoid any chicken that we (3+ / 0-)

    suspect comes from China.  

    When no one buys any chicken at all, the processors will wake up and start to supply good, properly labeled domestic chicken.

    To avoid processed chicken in all its forms, people are going to have to go without, or learn to cook it themselves.

    Back in the days before microwave, my parents both worked and we kids had a very busy academic schedule -- on the weekends, my mother would cook a huge Sunday dinner, like a roast or turkey or massive amount of spaghetti, and after dinner we'd all stand around the kitchen table and assemble 'TV Dinners" in tinfoil dishes with all the leftovers, pour in frozen peas and carrots, and then top with more tin foil, and freeze.  

    Taken out of the freezer and baked in the oven for half an hour supplied most of our dinners for the week.  

    You can do it if you have to.

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