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View Diary: America - You've been Bananafied! (125 comments)

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  •  bullshit (0+ / 0-)

    and shame on you for your third grade bullying techniques.

    Sometimes I agree with you and rec your diaries but when start this banana republic nonsense then no I don't agree and never will. That said if you want to have a reality based discussion then I've provided a number of reasons why I totally and utterly disagree with the diary and all you insults about me won't change that.

    In point of fact all they make you do is look small and desperate.

    If you have nothing of substance then we are done here.

    •  You should write a diary on how you do what you do (4+ / 0-)

      First you deny and decry what's written, then when challenged, complain about bullying.

      Next, tell me I'm being dickish and go on at length about some interpretation of site rules that says I can't respond to your nonsense the way I am.

      We were done before you wasted your time rattling on about nothing.

      You should have written your own diary.

      Perhaps you can learn that even though nobody can ban another from a diary, your vast wisdom is simply unappreciated, at least in its current packaging.

      Maybe you need a makeover? Rebranding?

      As long as you attempt the silliness you are now defined by you can anticipate relatively similar treatment.

      Good luck!

      •  and you straw man the crap out of anyone (0+ / 0-)

        that disagrees with you while pretending to be reasonable. Never mind your constant insults and 3rd grade bullying.

        Maybe you should spend more time on the points raised? Oh that's right you can not thus you are reduced to this nonsense.

        The only silliness is your absurd claim the US is a banana republic. Please go read about what a banana republic is or you can keep throwing your credibility out the window.


        All the same to me really

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