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View Diary: Rangel: "Congress should wage war not in Syria, but in America against poverty & income inequality." (118 comments)

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    It shows a great lack of understanding to imply that funds which may be used to strike Syria would in fact be divertged to address income inequality -- or any other domestic issue. If Mr. Rangel is dedicated to addressing poverty, crumbling infrastructure and many other issues he should be doing so with the congressional power he has rather than grandstanding. Did he stump and get his "media quote" supporting the President's Jobs Plan? What initiatives, proposals, programs or plans has he gone to the mat (or the media) for? Who on earth thinks that funds that might be used in Syria will be re-diverted to solve problems? C'mon people. There are many reasons not to intervene in Syria -- pretending that the moneys used would go to poor people is just plain disingenuous.

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