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  •  Knock on wood, I have only missed one lecture and (1+ / 0-)
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    it was due to the fact that I was broadsided on the way to campus. I was taken to the ER and then released in time to make my afternoon classes.  I had a black eye and later found out a fractured rib but I made my pittance for the day.

    I have strict thoughts when it comes to attendance.  I am always there unless it is a true emergency and I expect the same, though my expectations are rarely met.  True illnesses are a judgement call on the part of the sick one.  Some of us can handle walking pneumonia without missing a beat and some can't seem to focus with a oncoming cold that hasn't even hit yet.  Fevers, contagious ailments, skin infection, staph etc....please stay in bed.  You just "feel bad"...try to make it, as your career/education may be dependent on it.

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