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View Diary: Kerry: Obama Can Bomb Syria Even if Congress Votes No (51 comments)

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    I mean, sure, the administration wants Congress to vote yes, and is busily trying to round up the votes. But I don't think Kerry's words are part of that PR campaign, per se. If anything, I'd think they'd have the opposite effect. Congress is already pretty skeptical about this: the House is controlled by a party dedicated to foiling the administration's every move, and, besides, public (constituent) support is hardly even lukewarm. Browbeating Congress over the fact that their vote doesn't matter is just as likely, I'd think, to harden opposition to the president's position.

    I think it's more straightforward, really. Kerry means exactly what he's saying: the president doesn't need Congress's approval. He's asked for it in this case, yes, and will (probably) abide by their decision, but this doesn't represent a fundamental change of Obama's view of presidential powers. He chose to consult Congress regarding Syria, but he doesn't want the be saddled with the expectation that he will always consult Congress.

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