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View Diary: Another white man shoots another black child: this time in Texas. (227 comments)

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  •  Of course they're allowed (1+ / 0-)
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    But it would be nice to see diaries in proportion to the problem. By your own definition, 30% of all homicides are from things other than guns, but I doubt that even a tenth of the diaries dealing with homicide touch on those. After all, you are several times more likely to be stabbed to death than killed with an assault rifle, but you would never know that from reading DKos. Reading Kos and expecting a proportional amount of diaries on firearm vs. other violence would be like reading Stormfront and expecting a proportional amount of stories for white-on-black crime vs. black-on-white. Is that a harsh comparison? Probably. Is it true? You tell me.

    Combine that with Kos diaries on accidents and the penchant for adding in firearm suicides to any total and that's pretty good empirical evidence for a vastly disproportionate bias. If you wish to step up and call a demonstratably disproportionate bias "rational" and "liberal", there is an infinite amount of space below this comment to do so.

    If the issue is important to you, by all means discuss it. But try not to assume that your focus is the only aspect and sole solution to a problem. Mental health support helps prevent all suicides. Education and social programs help reduce all violent crime. Take whatever your issue-specific solution is and recognize that it is part of a larger context.

    In this case, we have someone who might be racist and might have been high and who apparently had a past criminal record. How many different opportunities did we (me, you, the legislators we elect, the policies we highlight here and in our daily lives) have before "keep him from getting a gun" did we fail to take, and which commenters and diarists completely ignore, discount and occasionally ridicule?

    •  This is a large community. There are groups (0+ / 0-)

      here that do address issues such as child abuse.  Those groups are not difficult to find.  But there is no rule that says that users must spend some percentage of their time covering some issue, be it gun violence, Syria, or pooties.  And if you really feel that some diaries aren't solving important enough problems, I invite you to go in and shut down those pootie diaries.  Apart from that, there is always the back button on the web browser.

      And so you also have a beef with discussing firearms suicides???  Those are also gun violence.  They shatter and destroy families just as much as other forms of gun violence such as homicides or negligence based accidents.  They merit just as much inclusion in statistics and discussion as all other forms of gun violence.  To say otherwise is just engaging in cherry picking.  Gun deaths are gun deaths, period.  Injuries due to guns are still injuries.

      Wyoming has among the laxest gun laws in the country and the highest firearms suicide rate.  Better gun safety regulations there could result in fewer suicides.  And NO, it is a lie that people denied an easy method of suicide will find another way to carry it out.  That is not how suicide works.

      •  Speaking of terminology (1+ / 0-)
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        And so you also have a beef with discussing firearms suicides???  Those are also gun violence.
        In the several years I have been on Kos, I have never, ever heard a suicide by drug overdose called "drug violence". I have not once seen someone lump slashing your wrists in with "knife violence", nor someone running their car in a closed garage called "auto violence", nor someone hanging themselves in their own house called "domestic violence".

        By your definition, that's what we should be calling these things. So get cracking! There are Kos groups (not difficult to find, I am told), where people are downplaying these issues by refusing to violentify them, and you should be out there setting them straight, just as you have set me straight.

        /end snark, begin serious

        Suicides are a mental health problem. The method of suicide is strongly gender-linked. Women are far more likely to use drugs, for instance. So, saying you are concerned about suicides and then looking at it only from a firearms perspective is an inherently sexist position that says "I care about men dying more than I care about women dying."

        Are you, Miggles, inherently sexist when it comes to suicide prevention? Probably not. But if your only concerns and solutions on that issue revolve around guns, then the results of your concern are inherently sexist. Having this pointed out to you may make you unhappy, but making you unhappy does not make it untrue.

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