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  •  Speaking of terminology (1+ / 0-)
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    And so you also have a beef with discussing firearms suicides???  Those are also gun violence.
    In the several years I have been on Kos, I have never, ever heard a suicide by drug overdose called "drug violence". I have not once seen someone lump slashing your wrists in with "knife violence", nor someone running their car in a closed garage called "auto violence", nor someone hanging themselves in their own house called "domestic violence".

    By your definition, that's what we should be calling these things. So get cracking! There are Kos groups (not difficult to find, I am told), where people are downplaying these issues by refusing to violentify them, and you should be out there setting them straight, just as you have set me straight.

    /end snark, begin serious

    Suicides are a mental health problem. The method of suicide is strongly gender-linked. Women are far more likely to use drugs, for instance. So, saying you are concerned about suicides and then looking at it only from a firearms perspective is an inherently sexist position that says "I care about men dying more than I care about women dying."

    Are you, Miggles, inherently sexist when it comes to suicide prevention? Probably not. But if your only concerns and solutions on that issue revolve around guns, then the results of your concern are inherently sexist. Having this pointed out to you may make you unhappy, but making you unhappy does not make it untrue.

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