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  •  True but a loosing (2+ / 0-)


    The winning argument is the one democrats seldom use.

    Its cheaper for universal care. Period...

    The argument "its a basic human right" Only appeals to leftists who already support universal health care.  Those on the right could not care less about this argument. As such repeating it over and over to the public gets us nowhere. And the argument's use in these situation is part of the problem.....not solution.

    •  Of course universal healthcare is cheaper, but (1+ / 0-)
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      as with so many things such as health and safety regulations, the costs of killing and maiming are spread out over one to several other balance sheets.  So it is that the costs of the regulations are seen to reduce profits.  'Twas ever thus.  Whenever something has been proposed, the interests always scream with the volume that many millions of dollars so effectively amplify that it imposes unbearable cost for little to no gain.

      Despite the studies showing the benefits to the economy, etc., the realities are that those benefits are widely dispersed making their existence easy for the adversaries to deny.

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