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  •  I sent this diary to my father, (0+ / 0-)

    a man who is a lifelong registered Democrat who hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since Gerald Ford.
    My father, whom I love dearly, forwards Obama-mocking (cornball, inane) emails to me from his friends all the time.

    My comments to him:
    This diary exposes the rabid arguments from the Right against the ACA as snake-oil specious.

    The comments after the diary are equally compelling, including calling out the blatant LIE that 'care will be rationed,' as, in fact, a lie. Never mind the FACT  that death panels are currently root-bound and super-glued in place in the current delivery system. Why do I not hear elected Democrats and pundits using that three- letter word, "LIE," when talking publicly about the Republican's war on the ACA??

    Other remarks reminded me of absurd irony in the photo of seniors holding placards saying, 'Keep your (President Obama) hands off my Medicare"; a goverment-administered socialistic program that exists thanks to the Democrats. The "doughnut hole" Medicare part D is a Republican back room deal. Democrats were strongly opposed to part D, nevertheless, they did not dump millions of dollars into a campaign (instead of funding school improvements, SNAP, or hundreds of other needs which promote the public good).

    Note that the snake-oil people already have health insurance....counting on their hapless minions to be uninformed or lacking critical thinking skills (they're not exclusive to Texas).

    To me, the nadir of the lying crowd is Senator Ted Cruz. I borrow from the line spoken by "Stanzi" of her father-in-law in Amadeus, "I am sick to death of him!"...the unscrupulous, laughably nuclear-ego'd, nasally-whining, I-am-superior-to-the-god-you-worship Cruz is the nutcase poster boy rocket fueled by his power over his poor, unsuspecting Texans, and the tax-exempt, socially minded, apolitical Tea Party, Inc.

    Too many verbose run-on sentences, I know.

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