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  •  In my own congregation's Yom Kippur siddur (6+ / 0-)

    we have modified the traditional al chet (okay we transliterate it differently--as al cheit) by including racism, sexism, objectification of others, abuse of the environment and the other sorts of transgressions that are likely to speak to a largely LGBT, very progressive group.

    Do you happen to know if other congregations do similar things in their Yom Kippur siddurim?

    •  Some probably do. (4+ / 0-)
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      ramara, sfbob, Navy Vet Terp, mayim

      Or they might add a bit in english with assorted other 'relevant these days' points, or maybe poems and/or other creative works in english with that sort of thing. Though the al chet is pretty comprehensive in getting to the essence of 'screwed up things humans do'.

      I'm not sure (don't have one in front of me), but I think the reform siddur has several possible english texts to go along with the al chet. My preference would be to read the literal translation at some point, and use expanded versions at later repetitions. Or alternate, maybe.

      (And I'm never sure how to transliterate, especially when using google. I linked to chabad because, however many other problems I have with them, they get the hebrew (and/or aramaic, when appropriate) right.)

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