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  •  Diamomds, and gold, and anything that . (15+ / 0-)

    ..santimonious old racist could get his hands on along with Jay Sekulow, and Romney.

    I asked: Why are Jay Sekulow, Romney interested in the continent of Africa in the first place.
     What's really in it for them, it's certainly not for humanitarian reasons imo

    And found this:

    Mercenary Missionaries: Religious Right’s Move In Zimbabwe Resurrects Sorry History - Aug 2, 2010 by Rob Boston in Wall of Separation

    What do Robertson and the Sekulows want in Zimbabwe?

    The agenda may sound familiar. As Posner puts it, “[T]he African Centre for Law and Justice is injecting itself into the political process of drafting a new constitution that will supposedly pave the way for new elections. The African Centre for Law and Justice is aiming to do in Zimbabwe precisely what the religious right seeks to accomplish in the United States: declare the country a ‘Christian nation’ guided by biblical principles, outlaw abortion, and ostracize and criminalize LGBT people.”
      - emphasis added
    Or Colonizing old world style:
    Robertson was cozying up to Mobutu Sese Seko, the dictator of Zaire (now the Congo). Robertson was so eager to get a stake in the country’s lucrative diamond trade that he unsuccessfully lobbied the U.S. government to lift its ban on the brutal and corrupt Mobutu.
     More scandalously, Robertson used airplanes from his Operation Blessing charity to ferry diamond-mining equipment in and out of the country – all while claiming he was doing humanitarian work there. - emphasis added
    And when that didn't pan out..
    .. in 2001 he began wooing Liberian strongman Charles Taylor in a gold-mining deal – despite Taylor’s known brutality and his role in the violent civil war that had racked the nation.
     And let’s not forget what other Religious Right activists have done in Uganda. Legislators there, worked into a state of frenzy by anti-gay far-right speakers from U.S. Religious Right groups, have actually proposed legislation mandating the death penalty for gay men and lesbians.
    After a bit of ransacking last year.

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