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View Diary: Bill Moyers on Income Gap in America (164 comments)

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  •  Was anyone else.. (4.00)
    upset about the statement made by Dobbs about there not being much difference between the Republicans and the Democrats?   And the follow-up by Moyers?  I adore Moyers but I felt that the comment by Dobbs could easily have been a stepping stone for Moyers to say that there has been a history of Democratic politicians to vote with the corporate interests but that if you compare the voting records on a whole you will see that there is much more support for the working person in the records of Democrats.  It also would have been a wonderful opportunity to bring up the progressive members of the House and Senate and say how they are working hard to make the issues of the working person the backbone of the Democratic party again.  I felt that Moyer's response to Dobbs was an insult to Democrats....especially when I think of the courage of Conyers, Boxer, Durbin, Tubbs-Jones, and others who have stuck their necks out recently.
    •  What did he say -- (none)
      I did not see the interview but let me just throw this out:  It could be he felt the rhythm of the interview and the (for once) coming together of two sides -- and he let it go -- perhaps it wasn't the time.  As I said -- I don't know I didn't see it.  But I have heard Moyers speak like this many times -- as to the Dems legacy.  

      Conservatives say "Silent Spring" is a dangerous book! Why do Conservatives Hate Birds?

      by xanthe on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 06:13:33 AM PDT

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      •  Not sure his exact words, (none)
        you may want to check the transcript.  Essentially, Dobbs made the classic statement about there not being a difference between Republicans and Dems.  Moyers agreed without any qualification of the statement.  That is what bothered me.  I agree wholeheartedly that the Democratic party is not where it should be, however, it is still ahead of the Republicans in representing working people and I think that should have been mentioned.  It just wasn't classic Moyers....
    •  In some ways, they're right (4.00)
      BOTH parties depend WAY too much on large donations, which in essence, are bribes. Large donors get access. They get face time. They get listened to.

      In reality, nobody else does.

      Which is why WE need to donate. WE need to work. When WE are more important to the dems than MBNA, than ADM, than oil companies, banks, drug companies, insurance companies, they'll listen to US.

      We CAN do it. I think they're starting to wake up to that.

    •  I guarantee you (none)
      that neither Boxer or Conyers or any other Democratic representative would take offense to Moyer's statement.

      Preserve democracy, cancel your cable

      by The past is over on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 06:46:09 AM PDT

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    •  Democrats are no angels (4.00)
      I'm a longtime Democrat, but the type of representation we have had these last 25 years is bought and paid for by corporate interests.  Otherwise we'd still have a labor movement, guarded borders, excellent public education, and taxation that includes everybody, including both the bottom 50% as well as those at the very top of the heap.  Executive pay would not be tax deductible to corporations, as it is now.  

      Lately, in Red States like mine, most of the Demcrats pander to the religious right and favor ownership over work, as do the Republicans.  I don't think Lou Dobbs made an error at all.  Legacies fade away, friends, and need to be earned anew.

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