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  •  Unregulated capitalism (4.00)
    Is a horrible idea.  We need a mix of socialism as well.  So is complete socialism.  Neither is perfect in any sense of the world.  Capitalism is built around our inherent greed, and therfore suits us well.  However, as capitalism progresses, it begins to overcome democracy.  When things have become so slanted that only the rich can pass laws, control the media, and own and control all the means to achieve wealth, we are no longer a democratic society but an aristocratic society.

    The truth is in America, not everyone has the chance to make it.  No matter how hard you work, you can be limited by your birth status.  The American dream has become more myth than reality for our poorest classes.  These are not democratic principles.  Every criticizm Marx about capitalism ever had, to me,  has been proven true.

    However, socialism as Marx envisioned has never truly existed is not even possible to my knowledge.  It is overly optimistic and assumes that individuals or groups are not willing to take power at any cost.  It does nothing to combat greed, it just assumes it will dissapear.  That is truly not the solution.

    Am I a communist or socialist? no.  Big fan of capitalism? not really.  Capitalism suits our human faults well, but in its purest form, would encourage slavery, monopoly, and aristocracy.  We need socialistic policies like social security, school systems, and hopefully health care mixed in with our capitalism to ensure that things don't become as slanted as they are today.  If it were up to the ruling class alone, those that serve them would not even have their basic needs met.  I think upwards of 80% of the countries wealth lies with 2% of our population.  Innovators and risk takes should be duely rewarded, but the same people that devote their lives to helping them get there are ignored.  That isn't right.

    My father, for example has worked over 20 years at a poverty level income.  He would work two jobs 6 days a week to keep a house with food on the table for us kids.  In a company that had less than a dozen people when it started.  The owner now has a private jet, while my father drives a 80's model mazda pickup (while still working for them).  I have tried to get him several jobs, but his loyalty is unbreakable.  Which is why he is is shit on so regularly.

    Call me a pinko commie but I believe that someone who works that hard for that long deserves to advance.  And I believe his children should have a chance to succeed.  If schools were privatized, I would have never seen school.  If it weren't for grants, I'd have never seen college.  And that wouldn't be right.  Thats what they want.  Thats why I liked Kerry.  His use of the term "We can do better."  We can do better.

    To anyone who thinks that greed can regulate itself and be completely balanced by the greed of others, I say they are even more hopelessly optimistic than Marx.

    When you are right you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative. -Martin Luther King Jr.

    by Closet VB Coder on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 08:09:56 AM PDT

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