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View Diary: Bloomberg condemns de Blasio interracial family, endorses Quinn, contempt for poor (145 comments)

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  •  Weiner spoiled this race... (3+ / 0-)
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    tgrshark13, milkbone, a2nite

    Not in the traditional sense of siphoning votes away from the winner, but in that he changed the dynamics and damaged the inevitability of Christine Quinn.
    Before his "new and improved" sexting shenanigans, and the residual lying and impudence that went with it, Weiner was looking good and it was shaping up to be a close Quinn v. Weiner matchup.
    Weiner reminded some NY liberals that they would really like to see someone they could feel was one of their own at Gracie Mansion.  
    Then, of course, Carlos Danger destroyed himself....but that left people willing to see and hear de Blasio who, though they hadn't heard of him before, was also running a liberal campaign, and one even more steeped in human values than Weiner would or could have run, no less.

    Thank Anthony Weiner for the fact that Bill de Blasio is the next mayor of NYC.

    •  maybe...Quinn was slipping...very high negatives (1+ / 0-)
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      going way back, esp. among 'prime' Democratic voters. She might make a runoff, but she can't win.

      Certainly Carlos disrupted the race, created a vacuum, especially among the ABQs.

      w/o Carlos D I think Thompson would have gotten to a runoff versus Quinn and then Thompson might have won.

      But then came the end of Weiner and de Blasio came out swinging.  Really the only game left for ABQ- Liu is damaged goods, and Thompson never had big appeal.

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