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View Diary: The Cost of -Not- Having Universal (or Even Quasi-Universal) Health Insurance (11 comments)

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  •  U.S. governments spend more per capita than almost (0+ / 0-)

    every other country BUT cover only old people, poor people, government people, and war people. Here's a link to the most recent OECD report on health care spending by countries.

    The second chart shows USA at about $4,000 per capita government spending. Here in the Frozen Socialist North, it looks like around $3,500 per person. (If you don't like the eyeball estimate, there's a similar report for each country.)

    The big difference is that Canada covers 100% of the population in that $3,500 per person government spending envelope. This chart says that the U.S. could replicate the universal health care system of almost any other country in the world AND reduce government spending and without raising additional taxes.

    American Exceptionalism: Near highest government spending, limited coverage, personal medical bankruptcies, and comparatively low life expectancy.

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