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    Two of our friends just had the same issues.  One had gotten a new WIN8 machine..DO NOT GO THERE...  She was unable to take a test on it, required for her to teach an upcoming class.  Service providers could not help as most service providers do NOT supposed WIN8 because they are POP3 which has worked for many, many years.  WIN8 does not use POP3 for online.  
    Second one..WOW machine...she could not download the needed program because the people who build the WOW machine decide what programs you can have..and you can't download anything else.  They also monitor your computer and anything you have on it..  They are a "Senior Computer".  So, her husband's old laptop worked...Guess where she took her online class.  
    I keep waiting for Karma to bite some computers and those who design them to frustrate the rest of us mortals.

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