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View Diary: Provocative Article by Venture Capitalist Slams Radical Libertarianism (14 comments)

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  •  He's not the first to notice this. (4+ / 0-)

    Ayn Rand mockingly named her little coffee klatch "The Collective," and she organized her own small nucleus of followers in a manner similar to communists.  She created a system of Objectivist (what she called her philosophy) seminars that dressed itself up in grandiose style as one based on abstract intellectual principles with a lot of Kant and Plato and Spencer thrown around.  

    However, the basis of the name Objectivism was that there is one objective logical truth and that intellectuals can figure all that out from first principles and working their way up.  When you get to the top the TRUE way, having defined all the terms in the "correct" Objectivist way, you get as a result things like altruism is evil and laissez-faire capitalism is perfect and good, etc., etc.

    Communists seem to come in two flavors: the practical ones who hang around, and the young intellectual ones who want to argue in abstract Hegelian style, driving right off the ledge.  Rand was more of the latter type.  Back when I was a libertarian, listening to Objectivists was more like listening to a stoned 60s dissidents debate than it was like a corporate board meeting.

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