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  •  OK, I'm back. (13+ / 0-)

    I've been traveling for weeks, it seems, though really it's only been for about half of that time (that is, half of the past  month I've been out of town, one way or another). Then, the other half has been devoted to getting ready to go or recuperating once I get home.
    I could never have traveled a lot for work. I would have found it far too disorienting.
    Anyway, now that it's the week AFTER Labor Day, things are approaching a new routine. I think I'm glad of that.
    Rainy day here, the first for a few days. Or so I surmise. Last weekend (that is, till yesterday) I was helping my older daughter settle into her new apartment across the state. It's a cute place, and she's excited about her first real job as an attorney. She may be a baby lawyer, but she's on her way!
    She's lived a lot farther away from home--Philadelphia for college, and then Hong Kong for a year after that--but I am still going to miss her after having had 5 years of her living back in town.
    So that's my major news of the day and week, I suspect.
    As for the questions:

    Are there wonderful weirdos in your life? Who are they?
    If you could change places with your boss, what changes would you make in the workplace?
    Did you have plush toys that you loved as a child? Were you as close to yours as Calvin was to Hobbes? (Was there ever a better comic strip?)
    It's "I Love Food Day." Is there any food that you never, ever tire of?
    What bad habit do you have that you wish you didn't?
    I can't think of any weirdos at the moment. Not sure what to make of that.
    Don't have a boss right now. If I were still teaching, I'd arrange to have paid prep time.
    I had a stuffed giraffe and a clown when I was really tiny, but I don't think I had much after that. Baby dolls for a while.
    Yes, C & H was the best comic strip ever. Loved, loved, loved it.
    Hmm. My favorite food is probably home-made home fries. I do a great job with them. Can't afford to eat them very often.
    Procrastination is probably right up there. Oh, and looking at my desk--I HATE filing. Hate it! Not sure that counts as a bad habit, till I can't find something that I need....
    Happy Monday, all.

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    by peregrine kate on Mon Sep 09, 2013 at 07:30:21 AM PDT

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