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  •  People claiming American exceptionalism don't get (0+ / 0-)

    out much. I just got back from an extended trip to China.  On the basis of infrastructure alone we are becoming second-rate. The trip to China was hot on the heals of a trip to New Orleans.  The exceptionalism crowd - which tends to correlate with wing nuts - will say oh we can't afford to upgrade our infrastructure - much less guarantee all Ameicans the right to health insurance (slightly different than the right to actual health care).  What BS.  And again, how does one respond?  The most exceptional - and the richest - nation in the world should also have the best infrastructure, health care, and education in the world. Doesn't that just follow?  But start down a discussion with that premise with a wing nut and the next response is - we would have those things except for tax and spend liberals.  

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