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  •  What do you mean, "the people"? (0+ / 0-)

    The people aren't a branch of government.  There's the executive branch and the Congress.  Supposedly the Congress represents "the people" (though the President does as well, I'd argue), but the Congress is joke, an dthe people know it, that's why it has 9% approval rating.

    I'm leery of empowering Congress over the executive branch when Congress has such low approval ratings, doesn't represent the people in a proportional matter (The Senate doesn't have proportional representation by design, and the House has been so gerrymandered that the Dems get a million more votes than the Repubs yet get 50 fewer seats; that's a farce), the upper house has imposed rules on itself to make it dysfunctional and the lower house is run by yahoos and hate mongers.

    Be weary of cheering on superiority of legislature over executive, particularly when the legislative branch is run by fools and wackos and haters.

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