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  •  The first point? (7+ / 0-)

    That the Guardian has had a rough summer so no one should trust them? Or however you put it?

    Because you made that point first, and that's what I am responding to. Of ourse you old interpret Kerry's comments in other ways than the Guardian or the diarist do. But I'm not really responding to that (even though the full para in the Guarian article on how this was a rhetorical statement as per the US DoS makes that alternate reading clear in the words of Kerry's own staff).

    The Guardian has had a glorious summer fom the point of view of a free press holding increasingly unaccountable governments accountable. They don't deserve drive-by smears against their entire organzation's credibility (oh, The Guardian, we all know they suck!) because you disagree with the framing of a single quote.

    We all know the subtext here. The Guardian did serious damage to the Obama administration's global credibility and the nation's stature.

    They did so by reveling the truth and thereby a history of government lies.

    If it helps, I concede the pull quote in the diary and the Guardian headline Len toward a view that Kerry was making a threat. Of ourse, it sounds like a Herat, and in the lead up to a war the Sec of State might want to be careful about giving ambiguous answers that can reasonably heard as a threat, as this can, or we might presume he is making a veiled threat, because afte all he speaks, supposedly, for an administration that is trying to bomb Syria with all its might right now (but just "incredibly small" strikes -- for me that's the pathetic pull quote here, "please let us drop just a few little bombs mom, ok?").

    The Guardian has a left perspective on matters of war and national security policy in the US and the UK. It doesn't answer to the Obama administration, thank God.

    Funny how having a left perspective is onside red an unacceptable bias by some around here. No wonder we at at each other's throats.  Neocon corporatist statist democrats and anti-war, pro-libertybprogressives are not going to agree. I guess we've found the line between us.

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