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View Diary: Republican Extortion on Syria Vote Begins (36 comments)

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  •  Politics will come in on both sides, unfortunately (5+ / 0-)

    I fully expect that Republicans will start making "deals" for their vote.  

    And on the Democratic side, the President's people will be arguing that the President needs to win this vote because the rest of his agenda (immigration, the budget, etc.) depends on his maintaining credibility.  See here.

    It's sad that a vote on something as important as whether this country takes military action could, for some, come down to partisan issues.  But I suppose that's the way things work in our hyperpartisan political world.  

    •  A repeal Obamacare Amendment perhaps? (2+ / 0-)
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      •  I doubt Republicans will ask for his support (4+ / 0-)
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        VClib, TomP, Justanothernyer, phonegery

        on anything like that.  Instead, I expect that the Republicans will ask for concessions on budget issues, or raising the debt ceiling -- moving things back to a "Grand Bargain." The President and Speaker Boehner have been close before -- it may just be a matter of the President agreeing to support Speaker Boehner's last informal proposal.

        But there's no way a large group of Republicans is going to vote for this without significant Democratic support as well.  Republicans aren't stupid -- they clearly know that the President has put his credibility on the line here.  Voting no is not only overwhelmingly popular with their constituents, it has the added "plus" -- for Republicans -- of weakening the President when it comes to the other big issues for the fall.  There's no way most of them vote "yes" unless (1) there's significant Democratic support (to overcome the "unpopular with constituents" issue, so both sides share the blame); and (2) they get some concessions from the President on other issues they care about, in exchange for their vote that essentially bolsters the President's position on the other issues this fall.  

        What will be even more interesting is what Democrats want for taking a hugely unpopular vote (that could endanger some in 2014) -- a vote that the President's people are pitching to them as necessary to "save" his presidency.  

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