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View Diary: BREAKING: Verified Voting Senate hearing, unpublicized, untelevised, convenes (138 comments)

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  •  AAPD (none)
    appears to be legit, and not a GOP-backed group. Their website is here. They are pro-Social Security, for instance.

    Nevertheless, odd position they are taking on this bill.

    •  why do liberals hate the disabled? (4.00)
      Is this going to be the new frame for defending HAVA?

      Notice the presence of all the disabled folks in the gallery.  That's grass roots of a certain variety.  Lot's of mobilization there.

      Looks like another "narrative" coup.

      Be all that you can be: Work for peace - - Jesus (Mt.5:9)

      by Upstream Review on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 08:45:50 AM PDT

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      •  This really calls for an initiative targeting the (4.00)
        Disabled public -  if the GOP wants to frame why do we hate the disabled - we just have to ask why do they hate the American process of voting.  i'd start with the AARP - they've been bitted by the snake and are licking their wounds over medicare.  Betrayal is a powerful thing and the GOP betrayed them.
      •  This has been an argument from the beginning (4.00)
        Over a year ago, I went to DC to lobby on black-box voting.  

        The disability argument is basically that the machines have facilities that allow the blind and other disabled people to vote without assistance for the first time. They are desperately worried that opening up HAVA would remove that hard-won ability.

        The anti-democracy wing of the Republican party is leveraging that fear. And, honestly, I believe that if HAVA is opened up, the anti-democracy crew will do everything in their power to make it a self-fulfilling prophesy - just to be able to paint the left as being against the disabled. The disability lobby has real cause for fear - not from us, but from those who would prefer to control the results of voting.

        If we succeed in opening of HAVA, we MUST be certain that these fears are addressed in a way that preserves the ability of the disabled to vote unaided.

        Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze.
        What is the White House Hiding?

        by mataliandy on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 12:26:35 PM PDT

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        •  new hybrid for accessibility AND paper ballot ! (4.00)
                 The feds recently certified a touchscreen-opscan hybrid (yes, I kid you not) made by AUTOMARK Technical Systems.

          It's a touchscreen boosted with paper-ballot output for counting that was developed and is now certified at the federal level. It is HAVA compliant — accessible to handicapped, limited mobility, blind, vision-impaired, and foreign-language speaking.

          South Dakota chose the AUTOMARK TS or ATS( last month for upcoming elections.

          Now here's the RUB.  ES&S last year signed a marketing arrangement with ATS, where ES&S has exclusive control of pricing and contracts of sale. However, John Gideon of wrote last month that ES&S is frustrating the demos, commission structure and sales of the Automark machines.

          (Note that even though ES&S is the marketing partner, the op-scan add-on to a touchscreen gets layered over any brand's touchscreen: Sequoia, Diebold, ES&S, for example – according to the company's FAQ section.)

          Anybody wonder why ES&S is smothering the sales of this?  A must read on this, by John Gideon, the information manager of VoteTrustUSA and .

          •  Joan, (none)
            this is some highly important information.  

            As you probably know, in my home state the legislature just signed a deal to have each county make their own choice for HAVA improvements.

            Do you know if Automark is certified in NY?  Also, if Automark is now going to be locked up by this stupid marketing agreement, is there another company waiting in the wings that has manufactured and designed a similar machine.  It seems to me that this solves many if not all of the problems with verification, tabulation and transparency while giving the disabled access.

            P.S. I appreciated your comments below re sampling and statistics.  Tks for the info.

            •  I haven't heard that it is (4.00)
              certified in NY yet, but I did not follow the developments closely in that state.

              However, this article has a couple of very useful contacts, I would imagine, who advocate for OS technology. Including a League of Women Voters official who sounds like she's on your side !

              Fascinating article if you read it through. (It says also that machine makers prefer to sell the more expensive DRE technology instead of op-scan.)

              From what I'm reading also, it seems like these players are trying to elbow the Automark aside:  ES&S, Diebold, state of Utah.  They seem to prefer the old standards.

    •  AAPD, ties to Diebold (4.00)
      Can read this [ excerpt here below].

                Last year, the American Association of People With Disabilities gave its Justice for All award to Senator Christopher Dodd, an author of [HAVA]. Mr. Dodd, who has actively opposed paper trails, then appointed Jim Dickson, an association official, to the Board of Advisors of the Election Assistance Commission, where he will be in a good position to oppose paper trails at the federal level. In California, a group of disabled voters recently sued to undo the secretary of state's order decertifying the electronic voting machines that his office had found to be unreliable.

      Some supporters of voter-verifiable paper trails question whether disability-rights groups have gotten too close to voting machine manufacturers. Besides the donation by Diebold to the National Federation of the Blind ($1 million for a training center), there have been other gifts. According to Mr. Dickson, the American Association of People with Disabilities has received $26,000 from voting machine companies this year.

      The real issue, though, is that disability-rights groups have been clouding the voting machine debate by suggesting that the nation must choose between accessible voting and verifiable voting.  . . .

      It is well within the realm of technology to produce machines that meet both needs.

      •  Exactly. (none)
        It's disgusting that Dodd can't see this.

        What a fucking idiot.

        •  Dodd (none)
          What do you want him to do - break a chair over the head of the guy from the AAPD? That's why you have hearings and testimony and public submissions.

          Contact Dodd with the info - don't just call him an idiot. There are many kossacks who have never heard of the Automark machine or AAPD and are trying to learn - same as Dodd.

          •  Disagree (4.00)
            Dodd and Joe Biden are two of the most overrated members of our party.  Each has a distinguished past but has now graduated to basically being a hack.  Dodd is, pardon the pun, a Doddering idiot.

            Piss off Frank Luntz: don't use Republican issue frames like "Social Security crisis."

            by DC Pol Sci on Tue Jun 21, 2005 at 06:06:48 PM PDT

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            •  disagree-disagree (4.00)
              Dodd has been on the right side of lots of issues that matter. Funding for homeland security (real(!) security) matters, for one.

              That's why I'm surprised he can't see the light on HAVA.

              He should HAVA 'nother look. (Not original by me, I saw that phrase or something similar once in an editorial headline).

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