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  •  but the hava record is a reprint (4.00)
    not a recount. that is what hava mandates. the computer totals printed out at the end of the night. no record of individual ballots cast, just a printout of the machine generated totals. completely worthless, and shame on Dodd for not having a fucking clue.
    •  That is one way to read it (4.00)
      The section is a bit ambiguous on this point. Subsection (ii) implies that the voter gets to inspect a paper record before the vote is recorded, but it does not spell it out.

      One would expect that a vote audit would mean a recount of the individual ballots, not of the total tallies from each machine. But not always, so I suppose you could make a case that recounting the total machine tallies satisfies the law.

      Which is just another argument that the law needs to be changed.

      •  yes, but (4.00)
        "so I suppose you could make a case that recounting the total machine tallies satisfies the law."

        that is the way the states have implemented HAVA. Example, florida, where all those south FLA counties that went heavily for gore went less heavily for Kerry, and there is nothing to recount, just reprints. The fact that diebold and es+s refused to provide machines with printers even to counties that requested them helped things along.

        regardless of wether hava is amended or not there is progress being made towards VVPT state by state. see:
        and some counties like miami dade are now considering junking the touchscreens altogether and returning to opscan. for the first time since 02 i actually have some hope, but if the fed won't help we have to do it state by state, or even county by county.

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