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View Diary: Obama administration has had enough of GOP Obamacare sabotage (62 comments)

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  •  It's not exactly the "Popeye Moment" we've been (2+ / 0-)
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    Bensdad, Noodles

    hoping  for ...

    You know: Popeye says "That's all I can stand, I can't stands no more" chugs down his spinach and starts slapping Bluto around ...

    Now, maybe I'm missing what others are seeing ... but all I can see here is that an Administration functionary has expressed  "Concern"  and "identified the problem" in objective non-confrontational language, avoiding the use of "You-statements."

    That's how professionals conduct themselves in the BEST elementary school faculty meetings.

    It's not a language, however that Republican elected officials at the state level even understand.

    •  timing... its all about timing. (1+ / 0-)
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      The best time for the "Popeye Moment" is not now, its in the 3 months running upto November 2014. Its in a television Blitzkrieg telling people about how Kynect is actually Obamacare, and how Avenue H is Obamacare, about how all of these programs are not State programs by Governors weaseling out of Obamacare care via loopholes but in fact Obamacare itself.

      •  I see your point (0+ / 0-)

        Maybe the issue IS "timing."   The time for push-back is "not yet".    My concern is ... especially now that we're going to kick us some Syrian Butt ... "The Legacy is secure -- and the rest don't matter."  In other words, the time for push-back will NEVER be exactly right ...

        There IS  the very great likelihood that Red State voters won't be paying attention to issues until the campaign ads start flooding their TV sets ...

        But, then too,  they may feel it soooo inappropriate that the President mix into their local affairs -- gahdamn govmint.

        THIS diary had a headline which read as if President Obama's Administration (if not The Man, himself)   had really socked it to his detractors, good and proper.  (That hadn't happened)  And that some of the promised Change was about to arrive. (And it hasn't)

        I can hope that come 2014 there WILL be a television Blitzkrieg with Obamacare as the rhetorical centerpiece.

        But based on prior performance, both "in" and "after" elections, what  I cannot do is invest a lot of faith that anything like that will actually happen.

        (I'm still waiting for the brilliantly clever end-game in the nth Dimensional Chess Tournament, which The Friends of the President have been promising for 4 and a half years -- but no longer with baited breath.)  

      •  More Sleepy administrating won't bring out voters (1+ / 0-)
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        If Obama (and Reid) don't start kicking some ass around we will see AGAIN, just like in 2010, Democratic and liberal leaning voters wondering why they tried so hard, got so excited, and why some gave so much time or money to re-elect Obama and hold on to the Senate two years earlier. When nothing gets done but a lot of tsk-tsking by Democrats while their constituents (and those under Republican rule) keep getting stomped on instead of being fought for,  people will be giving up long before next summer.

        But if Obama steps on the gas now and, for once, gives them the finger they deserve with action to back it up, you have something to lead up to in the last few months of 2014. The GOP is falling apart, we have the best opportunities in 20 years to kick their shitpile of a party apart. But most of the Dems in high places only want decorum. That has it's time and place, but only when you are working with a loyal opposition. Not these obstructionists.

        But if (when?) he doesn't do anything of substance, we've got nothing.

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