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View Diary: Book review: Leigh Gallagher's 'The End of the Suburbs' (95 comments)

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  •  This is one Boomer who is right there with you. I (10+ / 0-)

    never liked lawns, always thought it was an utter waste, even as a kid. I live in one of the most walkable areas in Chicago, with a score of 99 out of 100. If I did have a yard, it would be a vegetable and wildflower garden with maybe a brick area for sitting and relaxing. But if I want to garden, there are many urban gardens to utilize.

    Since I've lived in the city all of my adult life (except grad school in Iowa City) and am in the arts/academic field, few Boomers I know live in McMansions. In fact, I know none. And none of them want to. Not even my rich BIL. He chose to live on the ocean.

     Who wants to spend his/her worrying about how the fucking lawn looks according to the homeowners' association? Who wants all that crap? The McMansion "communities" (and I use that term loosely) are going to be ghost towns in a very short time, if not now.

    My 31-year-old niece and her husband bought a 4-bedroom house right when they got married 3 years ago. They worked 'round the clock to pay the damn mortgage. Just this year, they said "screw this." Fortunately, it wasn't a McMansion and they could sell quickly and reasonably. They rent now and will not buy again for a long time. Neither will a number of other young people who got totally screwed by the notion of "The American Dream." It was one thing for my parents in the 50s, when there will still sidewalks in the suburbs and a 3-bedroom for a family of 6 was nothing to be "ashamed of."

    I do own a condo which I live in. It is a 1-bedroom I bought right after 9/11. If I move, I can rent it or at least break even if I sell. I walk to work.  It is a nice space and I like it.

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