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View Diary: Oakland Mayoral Candidate Joe Tuman Hires Progressive Environmental Campaign Firm For His 2014 Run (17 comments)

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  •  Hard working compared to Ron Dellums? (1+ / 0-)
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    Sure, I'll give her credit for clearing that exceptionally low bar.

    Quan is just kind of nutty. She managed to win the race for mayor only because of a united anti-Dom Perata block of voters, and a new ranked choice system. She is completely out of touch with city residents, though, and manages to alienate just about everyone in the city with her crappy management and bizarre personal style and statements. Even though she claims to share many positions with progressives, her tenure has been a disaster.  Frankly, she comes off as incompetent at best.

    When the city crushed Occupy, she totally tried to pass off responsibility to the City Manager and Police Chief, claiming she was out of town (even though she knew the raid was imminent, or maybe because she knew, she skipped town to DC), and had no control or responsibility for the particulars of the raid. When anyone criticizes her, it's because she's Oakland's first Asian, female mayor, which is nonsense.

    I'll have to check out Mr. Tuman to learn more about him. Still a year away, and I hope there's a good slate of candidates.

    •  I'm hoping more candidates run (2+ / 0-)
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      SixSixSix, AoT

      Rebecca Kaplan, 2010 Mayoral Candidate (who seems to be popular on Daily Kos) is out.

      I know Tuman personally.  Had him as my professor for an Issues in Free Speech class at SFSU.  He's extremely smart and knowledgeable on the issues.

      But it's still early in the campaign and I don't expect the campaign season to really take off until mid 2014.

      I may touch base with Tuman at some point as there are a number of issues Kossacks and Oakland residents particularly are concerned about, particularly with the issue of income inequality and such.  I'll report any of my findings if this happens.

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