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View Diary: It took under 24 hours in the NYC area for the police to violate my rights (147 comments)

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    The police do not have the right to prohibit photography in public places -- and the idea that potential terrorists couldn't find ways to get that information other than to go out with a camera and take pictures is ludicrous.

    This has been a controversial topic for several years, as police in many cities (not just NYC) have been harassing photographers who take pictures in public places for years now.  It is equally established that photographers do have the right to take these pictures (at least in most instances), and that the attempts of the police to stop photographers are generally invalid.

    Also, note that just because you put up a sign saying photography is prohibited doesn't necessarily mean that it is so.  In this instance, a distinction needs to be drawn between public and private places -- ie, the owners of a shopping center may have the legal right to impose photography restrictions, whereas a city is very much limited in the restrictions they can impose.

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    by TexasTom on Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 06:21:20 AM PDT

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