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  •  That's what my vet said (13+ / 0-)

    Sometimes they can arrest it with the proper food, and sometimes they can't.  When she told me that she'd do the same thing for her cat, I knew it was time.


    •  You gave your Hunter the gift (6+ / 0-)

      of sparing him suffering. Kidney disease can cause some nasty symptoms, and I always appreciate vets who tell you when it's time to let go.

      I lost my Mousie to kidney disease in April, and my vet told me when it was time to help him to the Bridge. Mousie  didn't suffer, and I'm grateful for that.

      While we can use diet, fluids etc. to slow its progress, inevitably the kidney disease wins.

      Hugs and peace, Ellid.

      •  That's what the vet said (6+ / 0-)

        They could have taken heroic measures, and it might have bought him a couple of weeks.  I couldn't do that to him.


        •  The two I lost to kidney failure (1+ / 0-)
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          ..both lasted over two years after the initial diagnosis. My sister's went within weeks. I think both of us knew when it was time, though.

          You've been having a rough year, Ellid. Take care of yourself, and the fuzzies. Here's hoping things are better for a while.

          Cogito, ergo Democrata.

          by Ahianne on Tue Sep 10, 2013 at 06:48:04 AM PDT

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        •  You made the right decision (0+ / 0-)

          I'm so sorry.  They are children, our children, and so precious because we have them for so little time.

          We owe them debts that cannot be repaid, and one of those is to spare them suffering when we can.  I had to make the same choice for my wonderful cat Gypsy 11 years ago when she was facing cancer.  Like you, I was told that with drugs I could have a couple more weeks with her, relatively pain-free.  I didn't believe Gypsy would be pain-free for one thing, and for another it seemed horribly selfish to keep her when her body was trying to give up.  It was so hard to say the words, "Let her go," but I knew they were the right thing to say.

          You did the right thing too.  Hunter knows it.  You'll see him again.

          Also, male cats sometimes seem "dumb" because they get so enthusiastic about everything (e.g. skidding on slick floors).  I don't think they're actually dumb, just, um... male.  :)

          •  You may well be right (0+ / 0-)

            My beloved old tiger cat Arrow seemed really stupid, but he was actually just biding his time.  He was plenty smart when he felt like it :)


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