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  •  My wife's had her cat for his 18 years and (9+ / 0-)

    he's dropped half his weight from thyroid problems even with medication.  She's never had a companion (human or otherwise) this long and she's said on numerous occasions she's not looking forward to the eventual.

    From one old, ailing cat to a friend to old, ailing cats, peace be upon you tonight.  You did well for your friend.

    CBKitty in Sink

    •  Pretty kitty! (4+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Yo Bubba, JVolvo, Ahianne, ColoTim

      The blue-eyed Siamese types are such lovely creatures - Hunter looked almost like a cameo, his coloring was so delicate.


      •  Yeah, his blue eyes are pretty. When they go red (0+ / 0-)

        however, watch out!  

        He's become a bit crotchety in his old age (though I think some may be a bit of his mind going, because he will complain loudly if someone doesn't tell him they're leaving the room) and he will subject to petting only so long.  He also gets a bit mad if he doesn't get to share my wife's human food with him.  Then his eyes can get red and he'll bite.  Still, he's mama's boy and she loves him greatly.

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