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  •  Hmm, sort of. It depends on the structure. (8+ / 0-)

    My best creation, which didn't really come from a pattern at all, was my Renaissance costume from when I was a madrigal singer. I am very proud of it despite its flaws in execution. I don't do it enough to be especially skilled. I had some gorgeous, glorious fabric from my mother's stash that provided the inspiration. It was a heavy white silk satin brocaded in gold with a tulip design. Fabulous. Oddly enough, the dress is reversible, and that fabric is on the inside. Although I don't sing with that group any more and don't think I will ever need the dress, I ought to finish off that side because it deserves to be seen.
    It's actually a good story: I worked on the dress at exactly the same time as I was finishing my dissertation. It was more immediately gratifying than the writing, even though the process was similar in that I honestly didn't often know what I would need to do next. But I adopted a practice of "one step at a time" for both projects, and they came along nicely.
    The batik dress I have in mind would be modeled on one that I have from my early twenties, many pounds and dress sizes ago. I think I can make the new version work. I will probably try to alter the old one first to see if my ideas are valid before messing with the new fabric.

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