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    I looked for an answer to your question about starting July 1 instead of January 1 on

    The site does say that coverage can begin "as soon as" January 1. I suspect that you will enroll between October 1 and March 31, and specify the date you want coverage to begin.

    After all, people who enroll in March won't get retroactive coverage back to January 1, so ACA can handle start dates other than January 1.

    Many people will have insurance coverage they'll have to pay for until sometime in 2014. It wouldn't be sensible to say that you either have to pay for two policies, or else not get the ACA marketplace coverage until 2015--meanwhile surviving a six-month gap.

    •  PPACA uses the same qualifying events as (4+ / 0-)

      Employer plans.  For example if you have coverage already, then you don't sign up onto the exchange.  If you lose that coverage, it is a qualifying event which allows you to come onto the exchange immediately.

      •  I am in scribe boy's position. I am self-employed (1+ / 0-)
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        and my current plan is a high deductible plan. True North's suggestion makes sense and I'll look into it. Thanks, all, for the suggestions.

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        by marleycat on Sun Sep 15, 2013 at 10:20:34 AM PDT

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