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  •  I was using the Berkeley calculator i think (1+ / 0-)
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    and without a premium cap at our income level, and of course no subsidy, it projected that our PREMIUMS could be $91,000--about 2/3 of gross income.  Others predict much lower costs, like $21000/year. The company I work for just had to stop paying for dependent coverage, so from paying a modest 10% of  monthly dependent premium, I'll now be socked with ~$1300 a month.  In the next two weeks I have to decide whether to remove my son who is  a young adult from our plan, get him a much cheaper policy ($50/month vs. over $500 for his part of the company continued insurance), which would save something.  Right now BCBS is only offering 1 - 6 month temporary who knows what happens to his premium come Jan when ACA goes into effect.  The benefits enrollment calendar screws us because our company's insurance (and all other benefits) must be re-enrolled by Sept 30 but I can't get info or try to enroll son in ACA before October 1.  We are going to discuss all this with insurance brokers who have been helpful in past.  We have to keep my spouse on the company plan because of existing health issues and may be locked into that until next enrollment...that will be ~10K a year but his small business may be able to expense it.  By next enrollment, he'll be two months from Medicare eligibility.  My company still pays all my premiums...All I want for Christmas is a single payer, but of course that's not happening.  There are so many unanswered questions and I did have a nice chat with rep but they could only suggest we look into Medicaid---clearly above income level-- or state childrens' health plant that my son aged out of several years ago.  

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