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View Diary: "Trigger Happy" - Priorities for Reducing Gun Violence from United Physicians of Newtown (143 comments)

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  •  Following your link ... (3+ / 0-)

    ... the bill "defines an assault weapon as a semiautomatic or automatic firearm with such military-type features as a folding stock, bayonet mount, grenade launcher, flash suppressor or modifications of them." (

    And from your link, going to "Who Needs Assault Weapons" finds this little tidbit:

    ''The big frustration of my customers is that [the ban] removed things that were kind of fun and made it look cool, but didn't affect how the gun operated,'' said Sean Wontor, a salesman who heaved two rifles onto the counter of Sportsman's Warehouse here in Meridian to make his point.

    One was an assault weapon that was produced before the ban (and thus still legal), and the other was a sanitized version produced afterward to comply with the ban by removing the bayonet mount and the flash suppressor.

    After these cosmetic changes, the rifle is now no longer considered an assault weapon, yet, of course, it is just as lethal.  ~

    My bolding, of course.

    That was in 2004, and I am pretty sure I've seen the same discussion on this site within the last year.  Tell you what, I will concede the cosmetic stuff that just makes these things "kind of fun" and "cool."  (I both shaking my head and laughing, in case you can't tell.)

    Focus on lethal - rate of fire, number of bullets - I am not a gun person, so I don't know the terms.  Oh, and the grenade launchers.

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