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View Diary: Syria and the Rise of Alternative Media (5 comments)

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    As many people here, I read Hufffington Post every day, and comment often.

    It's astonishing to me that people have a computer right in front of their faces and do not have the intellectual curiosity to do any basic research to find a fact, but instead, blissfully hold their opinions based on what their favorite infotainment station has brainwashed them to believe.

    Today, HP called Assad a butcher. In response to that provocation, the right wing backlash was absurd.

    " theHumanRace2012 said:

    I know its hard to believe that Assad is anything more than the horrible person we have been told he is but is it also possible something else is going on here and the only way to accomplish this other hidden agenda is to demonize Assad? What is Assad's approval rating with his own people compared to our leader or our Congress and what could possible motivate the US to want us to believe Assad is nothing but pure evil?"
    Alternative media has not made America smarter. It has only confused a very dumb public.

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